'66 Original Style 6 Gauge Bezel

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Hye-Po Deluxe Wood Grain 6-Gauge Instrument Bezel

The One and Only Hye-Po CPS Wood Grain Deluxe Pony 6-Gauge Instrument Bezel for '65 and '66 Mustangs

Why Purchase a Hye-Po Bezel? The answer should be obvious... Because it's the best looking wood grain original Pony Style bezel on the market!

Actually, the Hye-Po Wood Grain Deluxe Bezel is the ONLY original looking Pony Style 6-Gauge Bezel on the market!

  • Each Hye-Po Bezel is hand crafted to fit exactly like the original
  • Each Hye-Po Bezel is coated with a premium epoxy primer
  • No to spend $600 dollars for a billet bezel that doesn't match the glove box
  • No need to settle for flimsy ABS vacuum-formed plastic
  • Gauge kits available without excessive markup

Before the creation of the Hye-Po Deluxe Bezel, there just wasn't a 6-gauge original Deluxe Pony wood grain bezel option.

But now that's changed!

  • The Hye-Po Bezel comes with a beautiful chrome like finish with an added high quality automotive clear for protection
  • The 3M Di-Noc wood grain vinyl is applied per 3M specifications for years of beauty and service.
  • The black eyebrow is hand painted and the bezel is set up to accept Two 3-3/8" and Four 2-1/16" Gauges on it's hearty 1/4" mounting surface (not flimsy 3/32" formed ABS).
  • Additionally, this Hye-Po Pony Deluxe Bezel comes with the two green 12v LED turn signal indicator lights as well as one 12v blue LED high-beam indicator lamp already installed.

HyePo CPSclick here to visit our site and get more information.

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