The stock pulley system looked so… well, stock! And I wasn’t gonna drop a ton on March Pulleys no matter how good they are suppose to be… and at the same time, I’m a big fan of buying USA made products even if they do cost a bit more… so after spending hours on the net, I found what I think are pulleys that “hit all my purchase buttons”.

CVF Racing manufactures billet aluminum pulleys. All of their Ford pulleys and kits are CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum (that’s aircraft grade folks). And the best thing is that all their pulleys are proudly Made in the USA!

They have a great website that explains what ‘underdrive’ means and why we should replace our horsepower robbing stock pulleys with an underdrive setup. How about 10 to 20 hp that is not lost to driving the alternator, water pump and/or power steering pump!

Basically, underdrive pulleys save horsepower by reducing the loss created by the alternator, water pump and/or power steering pump by spinning these accessory components a bit more slowly (about 12% more slowly) which gives between 10% and 20% saved hp to the wheels.

They way they explained it, our Ford engineers designed our accessory components to operate under the most strenuous of conditions, like sitting in L.A. traffic on the 405 in the middle of 100* summer weather trying to get over the pass heading into the Valley.

The water pump is designed to provide us plenty of cooling on these hot days during extended idle. Our alternator is equally designed to charge the battery in worst case scenarios such as sitting at idle for extended periods of time. As long as the alternator spins fast enough for the voltage regulator to function, it will continue to charge the battery. Same can be said for the steering pump under is own set of anticipated worst case scenarios.

If the stock pulley system was designed to charge the battery at idle under worst case scenarios and that same system were to slow down by a mere 12%, it would not cause the accessory component systems to fail.

After rebuilding this RestoMod from the ground up so to speak, I don’t think any part of our old cars are that precise from an engineering standpoint, let alone an electrical engineering standpoint… certainly not our 60amp peak alternator system… which is why I replaced mine with a 120amp 1-wire system (which is another subject).

As far as pricing, for less than $150 delivered, you can have a great billet underdrive pulley system proudly Made In The USA.

Anyway, the bottom line is I put the billet kit linked below on my 307 in my 66 RestoMod Mustang. I also needed to order a pulley for the power steering pump and the A/C compressor.


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