After spending (and I'm not exaggerating) nearly 8 hours total on the web looking for chrome power steering pumps for my 66 RestoMod… I gave up

Then, I just happened to be at the CVF Racing site to get a new billet pulley for whatever pump I get… and saw that they had a billet reservoir for our factory ford pumps… and I was really looking for that 67 pump with the smaller fill neck than my factory original wide-neck pump. I recently rebuilt the pump 13 years ago when I took the car apart to begin its rebirth. It has had the fluid in it all this time, so I'm sure it will be fine… but I'll probably rebuild it again since I'll be taking the tank cover (reservoir) off and replacing it with the new billet one.

A bit on the spendy side, but hell… it's gonna look sweet.

Less than $200.00 for both items, then I still have to get the rebuild kit for the pump and do the work...
I'll post more to this article once that has been done.

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