After thinking hard about where I was going to mount my Sirius Radio to feed the Aux in of my RetroSound stereo... I had a brilliant idea....

This is the Cruiser Console that I purchased from Classic Consoles.

Full length saddle cruiser for 1964-1967 Mustang w/ factory console
special notes


Radio Shack was the handy place to purchase a 6.00 12v power source extension. It came with a fuse and all.

I put the 2 wire plug on the end (don't forget to switch the colors around) and mounted the other in the console for feeding a charger for my cell phone or whatever.

Next was a bit nerve-wracking. Actually cutting into the 250.00 hump hugger.... but what the heck.. I decided where I wanted the 12v plug and using a small drill bit drilled through the OSB... NOTE: this is covered with black cloth... and if you do not pre-cut it with a knife, it will end up wrapping itself around your drill bit and pull itself away and you will be left with a mess and a frown... so cut a small X where you will be drilling, spread it out a bit so the cloth does not get wrapped up and drill a hole.

I then flipped the thing over, and with a 1-1/8 drill bit I drilled out from the bottom (cutting away the fabric beforehand. It called for a smaller hole but I wanted to shove the black cloth through the hole when I inserted the 12v receptacle to have a nice finish so I guessed at an allowance for the extra space.

I used two small hose clamps together to make a clamp on the backside of the receptacle to keep the thing from sliding up and out when I went to pull out the cigarette adapter power cord that came with my radio.

If it was a metal base, the receptacle would have stayed, but since it is OSB wood and is a bit larger than called for, I needed something on the back to help hold it in.. this worked fine. The only other thing I had to do was bend the tabs that the wires connected to so they would clear the transmission hump.

Now for the power source to the Sirius Radio...

Off the same feed, I made a USB 5v 1.5amp socket by going to target and purchasing an iPhone charger that came with the adapter for the cigarette lighter. I simply wired an additional 12v socket to the harness I made and inserted the USB adapter. Now I have ample power to the Sirius radio (which now is so small and self contained that one does not need a separate controller and then the gray box under the dash.. a simple feed to the Aux. input gets the sound to the radio/amps/speakers.

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