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Welcome to My 1966 Mustang GT Restoration and Modification Project Page

Journey through rebirth of my 66 RestoMod Mustang Pony GT from start to finish. I have learned much along the way and will share all that I can. I consider myself more of the "caretaker" of this RestoMod Mustang rather than its owner. Hopefully this site will give you many insights to consider rather than having to do much through trial and error as I have in building my '66 GT RestoMod Mustang.

It's Finally Available.  Hye-Po CPS Deluxe Pony 6-Gauge Instrument Bezel
by PeterB: Monday

After years of R&D, I'm proud to offer the first TRUE PONY DELUXE 6-Gauge Instrument Bezel to all my fellow Mustang Resto-Modders.  Until now there hasn't been a 6-gauge bezel that looked as though it belonged in the 65 or 66 Mustangs.  This isn't some $600 billet bezel that causes you to purchase an equally expensive matching glove box door nor is it a cheap flimsy vacuum-molded ABS that neither looks good nor looks original.  This is as close as it gets to an original Pony Deluxe bezel that will accommodate 6 modern style gauges.             click here to read more

Making LED Courtesy Lights for the Pony Interior Door
by PeterB: Thursday, April 18, 2013

If brighter is indeed better, this should shed some light on the subject...

An Update On The Interior Project
by PeterB: Friday, March 27, 2013

I've spent the last several weeks working on and off of the interior.... and I think I'm finally starting to see 'happy happy happy' around this project...

Adding 12v Power to the Storage Compartment of a Cruiser Console
by PeterB: Friday, March 8, 2013

After thinking hard about where I was going to mount my Sirius Radio to feed the Aux in of my RetroSound stereo... I had a brilliant idea.......

LED Interior Courtesy Lights are Nice and Bright, Easy and Cheap to Make
by PeterB: Sunday, January 27, 2013

So one Saturday while I was waiting for parts to arrive, I had this wild idea... LED lights in the interior... I couldn't just replace the bulbs with LED's.... hell, anyone could do that... I had to make something from scratch....

Better Than Just Having Our Old Power Steering Pump Reservoirs Chromed....
by PeterB: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

After spending (and I'm not exaggerating) nearly 8 hours total on the web looking for chrome power steering pumps for my 66 RestoMod, I gave up...

Removal, Refurbishment and Re-installment of the Quarter Windows by PeterB » Sunday, December 30, 2012 

Part 1 Part 2

New Pony Panels and the Reuse of the Original Stainless Steel Trim
by PeterB » Saturday December 29th 2012

It is bad enough I had to purchase new Pony door panels, but I did luck out in not having to replace any of the stainless steel trim... the original was in great shape all but......

Shopping for Rock-n-Roll
by PeterB » Sunday December 02, 2012

After admitting I knew virtually nothing about today's auto sound systems, I spent several weeks researching the net and talking to the tech gurus at Crutchfield... and boy oh boy, did I ever find out how much I really didn't' know.....

Custom Optima Battery Tray Just for the '66 Mustang
by PeterB » November 10, 2012


Special thanks to Benjamin Barch at Barch Designs for taking the time to provide all of us with a great product - Proudly Made in the United States of America

Over the past year (almost), Benjamin and I have been working together on a redtop Optima tray designed to fit the ...

Carving out my own 6-Gauge Instrument Bezel for the '66 Mustang by PeterB » June 1, 2012


I've been busy working on the 9"rear end, the rear suspension, brake lines, power booster & M/C, SSBC prop valve/block combo, bending lines (yuk).

During all that goin's on... I've managed to begin the creation of my own 66 Mustang 6-Gauge Instrument Cluster Bezel... carved right out of my exisiting 5 gauge Pony bezel.... see the photos of the process:

Prepping and Coating the Underside... The Hard Way
by PeterB » Sunday April 1, 2012


THIS WAS THE WORST TASK YET! My Advice, do not paint your car until you are completely satisfied with your engine bay and underside of the project....

Water Pump Back Plate Hits The New Dampner... WTF?
by PeterB » March 24, 2012


FYI: Trick Flow Harmonic Dampers hit backing plate on Edelbrock water pump... Damn.... I gotta fix that!

As I looked at the new damper, I became concerned that it was too large to use...

Selecting Billet Aluminum Pulleys for My RestoMod
by PeterB » March 13, 2012


The stock pulley system looked so… well, stock! And I wasn’t gonna drop a ton on March Pulleys no matter how good they are suppose to be… and at the same time, I’m a big fan of buying USA made products even if they do cost a bit more…

Adjusting the Valves after bolting on the new TrickFlow Twisted Wedge Heads by PeterB » march 8, 2012 

Disproving the myth that one needs to run the engine to adjust the valves...

The Three Typical Different Types of Springs for our 'Stangs
by PeterB » march 6, 2012 

Standard Eye (generally stock ride height)
Mid Eye (approx 1" lowering)
Reverse Eye (approx 2" lowering)

I opted to use the mid-eye leafs as I had the aluminum blocks in back to level the car out with the 1" lowering coils on front... the mid-eye springs eliminated the need for the lowering blocks

March 3, 2012: Well, after spending the last half of February in my adopted home town of New Orleans, its time to return to the project... today, it was all about stripping the rear wheel wells and cleaning up the shop to get ready to apply the epoxy primer

The AOD Neutral Safety Switch - Making The Connections
by PeterB » February 24, 2012


What Connects Where and Why

The most often asked question from the forums seems to be “which wires on the pigtail (that plugs onto the neutral safety switch pins on the AOD) do you wire to the terminals for the backup lights and NSS?”...

Installing the Ididit Tilt Steering Column in the '66 Mustang
by PeterB » January 24, 2012


Installing the Ididit Tilt Column with the Borgesen Steering box

After cutting the stock column and installing everything to do the Borgeson Integral Power Steering Box, I decided that I wanted tilt steering... and if I were to ever install it, it would have to be now...

Plugging Those Pesky bumper guard holes...
by PeterB » January 17, 2012


I've heard and/or read about using dumb dumb, nuts and bolts, plastic clips and welding the hole shut. However, after thinking about it for a few minutes, and getting everything I used from the local hardware store... the idea and process is a snap.

Project Development:
I want a 6-gauge PONY instrument bezel, and I want it now!
by PeterB » January 10, 2012

Click on image for larger view -(c) 2012 by MyRestoModMustang.Com

Click here if you are interested in a 6-gauge Pony Interior bezel

Currently, there aren't any Deluxe Pony Wood Grain style 6-gauge instrument bezels available. Above is the concept image of what I along with a couple manufacturers will attempt to make available in the next few months.

The ones that are available do not have the chrome outlined black eyebrow that is a distinct mark of the Mustang Pony Interior. Additionally, they are available are flat and use incorrect type of wood grain. If you have a pony glove box and have opted for modern 6-gauge cluster, your choices were limited to having something that wasn't even close to matching or had to eliminate the wood trim. I know this does not, nor will it look original, but with some luck and effort, hopefully we can make it look like it belonged there. My apologies to the true traditionalists... but, hey, remember... this is a RestoMod after all!

Wiring My '66 Coupe for sound
by PeterB » December 28, 2011

Knowing nothing about how these new powerful systems work, I was intimidated... at first. But after it was explained to me by a young man who installs these for a living... I realized that, once again, I over thought the process...

Some fun pic's of what went into my front end
by PeterB » November 22, 2011

Check out what I threw together...

Restoring the Door Window Guides
by PeterB » November 13, 2011

After forty plus years, your guides are probably as hard as the metal it has been sticking to.... Solution: Replace that stuff!


Installing Stainless Steel Front Disc Brakes (SSBC)
by PeterB » November 13, 2011

The instructions that came with the kit are fairly easy to follow.  They walk you though each step of removal and reassembly.  Lucky for this project, it's like starting from scratch since all the old stuff had already been removed. 

Installing the Borgeson Integral Steering Box
by PeterB » Monday August 29, 2011

Having removed all the stock power steering components during the painting of the engine bay, installing the Borgeson box was quite easy... here's what I did.

Installing the Solid Motor Mounts - With Bushings!!!
by PeterB » Monday August 18, 2011

After inspecting my stock motor mounts, I decided that I wanted something better and began looking at solid motor mounts... partly for function and mostly for looks.. What I found seemed to be a great alternative to either... a solid type of mount with a bushing.

Installing the Borgeson Integral Steering Box
by PeterB » Monday August 23, 2011

As it is my quest to improve upon the stock production car, one of the areas that is often overlooked is the strut rods.  Here is what I decided on...

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